• Bryan Shive

Weixler Cleans Windows!

It is window washing season, and our courteous team of professional window cleaners are ready to assist you with all your commercial and residential window cleaning needs. Weixler DCS will tailor services to meet your budgetary needs. We also offer reduced rates for more frequent window cleanings. Some business windows are cleaned weekly, while some residential customers prefer to have their windows cleaned quarterly.

Countless homes and businesses trust Weixler DCS to clean window sills, screens, frames, and glass inside and out. The diverse businesses we serve include warehouses, offices, restaurants, churches, and social services providers to name a few. Weixler DCS also cleans the windows and solarium for the Hershey Mansion.

Weixler DCS also offers an optional industrial-grade glass protectant that repels rainwater and dirt to keep your windows clean longer. After the windows are cleaned, this protectant is applied with a special process and works like an industrial grade Rain-X.

Weixler DCS begins each window cleaning season with an intensive training course emphasizing safety, technique, and great results! This year, we added 2 new members to our team of five.

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