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The Core Values of Weixler Cleaning Services

Have you ever finished a job and truly felt like you made a difference? You felt accomplished? Like you’ve made it just your customer’s life a little nicer by providing a clean living or workspace for them? At Weixler DCS we strive to not only do a good job cleaning, but to make a positive impact on the lives of our employees and customers through values driven relationships. The core values that drive our mission are simple. They are…

Be a team player! We succeed or fail TOGETHER! If you see or hear that a team member needs help, step up, help them out. Have each other’s back! If you know someone is struggling with a task you find easy, show them what works for you… it just might make their job go a lot easier.

Take ownership! Have pride in everything you do! No excuses, no blame… just finish what you start. If you need help, ask… we’re a team remember! One of my favorite things to see are the weekly task pictures. They portray such a pride in a job well done!

Do the right thing! Focus on the interests of others! Act with integrity… as if mum were watching! If that doesn’t keep you on your toes, pretend MY mum is watching!

Be humbly confident! Find a way to say “yes”! Know your stuff without arrogance. Be vulnerable… you’re not perfect, use your mistakes and setbacks as a learning experience and share them with others! Hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes as you and you can grow together.

Be professional! Our professionalism has impact! Dress you best! SPEAK your best! Don’t just clean for a living… live clean… portray clean!

A short while ago my husband and I had taken a trip down to Myrtle Beach. We booked a nice resort online through an air-bnb. By the time we had arrived it was very late at night… and we were very tired. When we tried to check in… the resort found that the site had not

transferred the information to them and they had no way of getting ahold of the site that late. I have to admit, we were mortified that we may be spending the night in the car! But the young woman at the front desk told me not to worry, had me sit in the waiting area, got me a drink and went to work at seeing what she could do for me. Within about 15 minutes she woke her manager in the middle of the night, pulled information on how to go about getting the reservation information and had us on our way to our nice comfy beds overlooking the ocean! A little over a week later, after returning home and realizing I left one of the suitcases in the parking garage I had to call back to the resort. Another young lady walked down the street to the parking garage and with the help of a maintenance man… combed the garage for the missing bag. This is one example of a company that portrays all the elements of the values WDCS believes in!

We at WDCS want to be the story that inspires others to want to provide a great experience as an employer and a provider of service… and with a great team like ours, we are well on our way!

- Tricia Haldeman, Commercial Account Manager for Weixler DCS

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