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Employee Focus- Meet Tiana

Tiana is a junior in high school. She started working with Weixler Cleaning over a year ago when her boyfriend’s mother invited her to join our cleaning team. After she joined us, it wasn't long before her mother also joined our team. The great things in her life are friends, family, a boyfriend, a Jack Russell- Boston Terrier mix, and basketball where she plays the center position. In one game she scored 20 points! She is also the tallest person on her team.

Tiana works in many capacities for Weixler Cleaning. She works on the windows team, the commercial offices cleaning team, and the Bed and Breakfast cleaning team. She says the B&B cleaning requires some special attention, because it involves fluffing pillows, making beds, and paying more attention to how the room looks for the presentation to renters.

She drives a minivan that she borrows from her family, and she is using her cleaning income to save up dollars to buy her own vehicle. Tiana is responsible and mature for her age. Unlike most teenagers, she seems OK with driving the minivan!

Sometimes she gets in the mood to clean at home, and she says it is usually after she's had a good day. She enjoys the great results after her work is done.

Eventually, she would like to go to medical school and become a nurse. During her senior year she is hoping to participate in a CTC program and work alongside some emergency medical technicians to gain some medical experience.

Tiana was grateful for the hours and the income that Weixler provided, but she admits that cleaning not her career ambition. She says the people at Weixler have been “very caring and sweet”, but as a teenager she likes a little more personal interaction, so she is also applying for work at restaurants to satisfy that craving for social interaction.

Tiana has been a great part of our team, learned well, accepted feedback, and really grown in her independence while improving her leadership and communication skills.

Any restaurants out there looking for a good hire? We highly recommend Tiana!

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