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Employee Focus- Meet Sisi

I am pleased to introduce to you Sisi. She is the mother of three children- two twin girls of five, and a son who is eleven. The family has a Sheltie dog. She says her life is full of wonderful things. Her husband dotes over her and the children. It is obvious that Sisi is very proud of her husband. He frequently brings her breakfast in bed, prepares dinners, and he's currently rebuilding a playhouse for the children. He and Sisi also enjoy hiking, and fishing. They are talking together about Sisi joining him on some hunting trips too.

Sisi grew up in Puerto Rico on a small farm that was shared by her extended family. That farm knowledge is used to this day, as she raises and butchers her own chickens and maintains a significant vegetable garden. The sun and heat do not seem to bother her as she works. Her family hopes to eventually purchase a larger plot of land in the Pine Grove area to become more self-sufficient.

I asked Sisi if any of the money she earns at Wexler DCS is “mad money”, and we laughed. You see, Sisi never really gets angry. She did go through a rough patch a while back and she tried to quit Weixler Cleaning three times! None of the management would accept her resignation- which she is glad for. One manager told her, “You’re just going through a rough patch right now. Take as much time as you need, and we’ll talk after you are feeling better.” At another time, one of the other cleaners confided with her about some of her own life-struggles, and Sisi told her, “You should talk to Bryan. He is very helpful and understanding.”

Sisi loves to clean. She said that she often cleans in the middle of the night at her home. Cleaning is therapeutic for her, and she does it very well. She welcomes all feedback and even constructive criticism about her cleaning because it means someone cares about cleanliness and how well she is doing. This encourages her because she knows that the improvements she makes will be noticed.

Kickplates and glass are two areas she watches closely. One time, she was surprised to have to clean from a wall the upward-facing and complete soul-print from a shoe. We mused, “It was like something left there from The Matrix movie set.” She noted that some of Weixler's customers seem to wipe glass with wet-wipes or something else with lots of chemicals, and it leaves streaks and soapy deposits. We train our cleaners how to removes the streaks, what chemical to use, how much dilution, how much to apply to the glass, and how to properly wipe it off so that streaks and soapy deposits are not left behind.

Sisi rates working for Weixler DCS a solid ten out of ten. She said, “It is nice to know you are a person and thought of.” For the right person, she would highly recommend working for Weixler DCS. When I asked her what she meant by the “right person”, she said, “Someone who cares about doing a good job cleaning and likes this type of physical work.” She likes the other employees, and says they are “like family to me.” The photo below is Sisi with one of her her co-workers, Jenna.

Sisi is one of our most experienced and helpful cleaners. She also has a bachelor’s degree in marketing. We are very glad she is on our team. She has successfully completed many ISSA and Weixler DCS sponsored cleaning courses, accepts responsibility, and shares her knowledge freely. Join me in congratulating Sisi for her recent promotion to Account Supervisor. I would like to request your prayers for Sisi as she continues to balance joys and expectations in both home and career.

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