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Employee Focus- Meet Nicole

Nicole Is a single mother and works on the residential and commercial side of Weixler DCS. We are grateful to have found her, as she works a pretty long week for us. The great things in her life include a daughter of eight years who is very sweet and a boyfriend who is very supportive and loving.

Weixler DCS and Nicole found each other through the Lebanon Agape Women's Shelter. Nicole is currently a resident of the shelter. She says that the shelter and Weixler have great people that are supportive and have endowed her with tools to become self-sufficient. The shelter offers a program that encourages each resident to grow, make plans, dream, and then take good steps toward fulfilling those dreams.

Nicole enjoys cleaning, because it is a way to serve and help others. she says that the toilet song that Weixler taught her plays in her mind each time she cleans a bathroom. She is very careful to work in an orderly pattern taught to her by Weixler to be sure not to miss anything at each of her cleaning sites. She says that she cleans at home the most when she is stressed. However, she enjoys cleaning almost anytime.

She shared that the last deep clean project involved lots of cobwebs and thick layers of dust. She says, “The comparison of the before and after appearance of the house was amazing!”

Her future goals include purchasing a home and buying a car. She has successfully saved to that end. Nicole would like more hours to support her efforts to save for those goals. She really enjoys working with the other Weixler employees. She is very grateful for the cards, caring, and the personal interest that the Weixler leadership team expresses toward each employee.

Nicole would like prayers for her health and her blood pressure.

Weixler DCS is a proud to work with the Agape Women’s Shelter. Please consider sending your charitable donation to this life-changing service.

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