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Employee Focus- Meet Melissa

Melissa enjoys spending time with her four children and three grandchildren, and she is very excited about her new home which he just purchased. She says that her position at Weixler Cleaning was the key for her to buy her home. She really enjoys cleaning - even cleaning her own home! Of course, the fact that the home is new makes it a little more exciting to clean.

Melissa works exclusively for Weixler DCS and does not have another job, but she does have a nursing certification. She said that nursing was difficult and stressful, and she found cleaning to be a better fit for her. She chose a cleaning career because it provides a release for her energy and any frustration while simultaneously helping others. She says, “That's a win for everyone.”

Melissa finds great satisfaction in the results of her hard work as a cleaning technician. She likes feeling like she did a fantastic job. That sense of pride in cleaning really shows in her work. She especially seems to like to clean bathrooms, and she is the first to volunteer to clean bathrooms for her crews. At Phoenix Physical Therapy she scrubbed away water stains on a therapeutic pool. The effort took weeks of regular attention, but it looks fantastic.

The most difficult aspect about cleaning for Melissa can be the after-hours heat in office spaces when the air conditioning is often turned off. The heat may become unbearable and dangerous – especially on upper floors. It is important that cleaning technicians drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Melissa is very thankful that some customers remember the cleaning crews and kindly adjust the setback time to run a bit into closing time so she can serve them more comfortably.

Melissa’s overall satisfaction in working for Weixler DCS is very high. One stressful period with Weixler was when her immediate supervisor took another position, but she says, “Everything is good now.” Many of Weixler’s cleaning technicians establish a solid professional relationship with their immediate supervisors and also with the rest of the Weixler leadership team. Sometimes employees have difficult life situations, and the leadership strives to be very supportive in both professional and personal growth.

You can keep Melissa's family in prayer, as her daughter's home has a lot of smoke and water damage due to a recent fire. The family of four is currently staying in a hotel. She is appreciative of the Employee Assistance Program that Weixler DCS provides to employees and their families. She is tapping into those resources to assist her daughter.

Bryan Shive, VP of Operations at Weixler DCS says, “Melissa is a very important team-player and a solid performer in both quality of work and work attendance. She is a hard-working bundle of energy.”

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