• Bryan Shive

Employee Focus- Meet Mark

I'd like you to meet Mark. He loves taking photos and videos of wildlife, farm animals, and nature. Mark took this photo of a squirrel he feeds and named him Buddy.

You can often find Mark in public parks or pulled over along the road feeding turkeys, geese, ducks, and aquatic turtles. He likes to share videos of animals. In one video, Mark was talking to a beef cow along the road. Other videos included a wild Turkey and her chicks crossing a road and aquatic turtles eating food he cast out on the lake.

He shared another video where he was pushing his granddaughter in a shopping cart as they laughed and cajoled one another. He a also shared a video of her bouncing energetically on a mini trampoline with her long wispy red hair flying everywhere. She is precious!

Mark really enjoys cleaning and it is a great career fit for him. He knows that his work is appreciated and will be noticed, so he takes great pride in his cleaning and takes special care cleaning toilets, urinals and room corners. He is also really glad for the exercise that cleaning provides.

At GFL Waste Management, he will often move the uniform racks and clean under and behind them as well as wipe the dust and dirt from the racks. The offices there are very dusty, because of the constant truck traffic on the dirt lane that runs by the offices. As a result, Mark cleans and disinfects there five days a week. Weixler’s expertise in electrostatic and wiping disinfection kept many essential businesses like food processing, banks, waste collection, and medical centers running during the COVID epidemic.

Mark also enjoys attending church at Lifeway Church in Lebanon, because he likes the energy, the people, and the praise and worship session. He says he senses God's presence there.

Mark is an Army veteran and has a membership at the YMCA through the Veteran’s Administration. He swims every other day, which is part of his successful effort to lose weight. He has also cut sugar drinks and unhealthy food from his diet. He really misses Double-stuffed Oreos and Skittles, but his efforts have lost him 20 pounds. “Sugar is a drug", he says.

His car, that he is named Aqua Thunder, is not running well right now, and he is saving dollars to replace the engine. Eventually, Mark would like to take Aqua Thunder to Las Vegas along with his kayak and bicycle. He would also like to find a wife and stop smoking.

He noted that one customer is leaving paperclips and coins on the floor and in special places to test his cleaning thoroughness. Hey dutifully picks them up and puts them on the desk each time.

Mark says his work schedule is perfect for him. He rates his Weixler Cleaning very highly because "the leadership listens and follows through" for him. We appreciate Mark for his perfect attendance record, sincere care about the quality of his work, and his willingness to invest some sweat and elbow grease into his cleaning efforts.

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