• Bryan Shive

Employee Focus- Meet Kristie

Hello! I just finished interviewing Kristie, and I'd like to introduce her to you all. She has two boys- ages 9 years and 16 months. They are energetic and love video games. The entire family prefers being outside- especially at the beach! Her family has no pets, but her parents passed a car onto her. Kristie named the car Betsy who now has new tires. Kristie would like to replace Betsy, but she is also saving to buy a house.

Kristie loves to clean her home, especially if she's bored. She chose to do house cleaning, because it is calming and relaxing for her. She also does part-time yard work which includes mulching, weed whacking, weeding, and mowing.

She is glad for the relationships that she has built with her home cleaning customers, and she is especially appreciative of compliments for the great cleaning results she strives for. Some of her customer’s homes require hand cleaning of some floors. The thing she dislikes most about cleaning is trying to get the little fuzzies off the stovetops as she cleans them, but she keeps at it until they are all gone.

Kristie has utilized the free massage offered by Weixler Cleaning through the employee assistance program. She says working with Weixler DCS is terrific, because the people are friendly and work to accommodate the scheduling considerations of a single mother. She highly recommends working for Weixler Cleaning.

The Weixler DCS staff, cleaners, and customers are very thankful for Kristie. She is a quiet, caring and conscientious team player. Every one of us are also thankful for Kristie’s mother who often watches the boys while Kristie is hard at work. Join me in celebrating this quality hard working cleaner named Kristie!

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