• Bryan Shive

Employee Focus- Meet Jenna

Hello everyone, I'd like you to meet Jenna!

She lives with her mom and stepdad and has a 4-year-old little girl named Evie who is energetic, learning to swim, and still uses a backpack floaty. Evie’s favorite show is Bluey, and so Jenna named her royal blue car “Bluey”.

Jenna has five dogs. Three are dachshunds, another is a Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel mix, and the last is a Shih tzu and Pomeranian mix. Oscar is the oldest and is closest to Jenna, while the Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel mix named Ginger is closest to Evie.

Jenna works extra hours to save up dollars to move out on her own and become more independent. She says that she loves her parents very much and will miss them when that time comes.

“Cleaning found her.” Jenna says. One of her friends’ fathers is in the cleaning business, so that put the bug in her ear. Now, she and her coworker named Sisi have become friends. If you would eaves-drop on them working, you’ll hear a steady line of chit chat running between them. Jenna starts with the bathrooms, while Sisi does other work until they join up and help one another. She says that Sisi taught her a few cleaning tips to make the job easier.

When Jenna was first assigned some of the buildings, the toilets were filthy, and she had to go through a few pumice stones to make necessary improvements. The bathrooms quickly get dirty at some sites, because some of the shop workers don't care so much about keeping things neat, so cleaning makes a noticeable difference. Jenna takes great pride in the results she has achieved.

Jenna would like prayers for her neck pain and headaches that she gets almost daily. She found that Advil Migraine has been helpful for her. She prefers a backpack vacuum, and the Weixler training team provided instruction on how to reduce neck and back strain while wearing it. She also plans to use the Weixler EAP program to supplement her physical therapy with some massage therapy.

Jenna has tried working at a few places and in different roles. She says that cleaning for Weixler DCS has been the best experience for her thus far. During one conversation, she bubbled over saying, “I have to say it. I love cleaning for Weixler and the people I work with. They are like family.”

We are very thankful for Jenna, her hard work, and are proud of how much she has grown with us. Yes, she is like family to us also. We admire her dedication as she pushes through each headache and each scheduled cleaning day.

Thank you Jenna!

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