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Employee Focus- Meet James

Let me introduce James to you. He cleans one of the facilities at Quality Stone Veneer.

He says the wonderful things in his life are his relationship with Jesus Christ, and his family that includes his wife and 21 year-old daughter. His daughter is in college and works hard as an administrator with Geisinger Health and she is a college student earning high grades. His wife stays at home and takes care of the family. It is obvious that James is proud of his daughter and loves his wife very much.

Pete at Quality Stove Veneer says that "it is apparent that James likes his job." James cares about his work and is often up to his neck in dirty projects and is very willing to dig into whatever task is needed to improve site appearance and cleanliness. He recently completed extra-special improvements that includes organizing and cleaning a supply closet (see photos). This was especially difficult, because the closet has no lighting and had not ever been cleaned. He has also taken the initiative to sweep some small floor areas that are not included in the regular scope of work at the site. These floors are near office areas that are part of our contracted work, so sweeping them helps keep the offices cleaner longer!

"The Quality Stone Veneer site needs some TLC" says James, and he is passionate about continuously improving the appearance and cleanliness of the site. His future goals for the site include removing marks from the walls which will take some time and effort. James says he is motivated when he is appreciated, and he finds satisfaction in serving others.

James does have another job working for Dollar General in sanitation and maintenance. Part of his job is insuring that the environment is safe and welcoming for customers. After a year of service there, James says his boss is terrific and he appreciates that the work that is close to home.

Regarding the future, James would like to upgrade his vehicle (which is a Kia van), stay healthy, share his wisdom and experience with others, "bring it home" well as he ages, and generally share his blessings with others.

James is very appreciative of the work that Weixler DCS provides for him, loves the working hours, the schedule, and the people he works with. He rated Weixler DCS a perfect 10 for all these areas. We are certainly fortunate to have James on our team.

Thank you James!

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