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Employee Focus- Meet Erica

Erica cleans for the residential division of Weixler DCS. She and her husband have a 7-year-old daughter going into first grade. They have two dogs, enjoy camping, hiking, board games, and the beach. Her husband is a learning support teacher. She likes to live in the present and enjoy happiness in the moment.

She enjoys cleaning her own home and feels anxious when the house is not picked up. Her daughter provides plenty of opportunity to clean and pick up her favorite toys- Barbies.

Erica is also a part time registered nurse. She also creates and designs custom T-shirts that are imprinted with cuts from vinyl. All her designs are hand drawn - either with old fashioned pencil and paper or created digitally. The designs are custom created for everyday wear.

Her T-shirt business is called Journey2Vinyl. You can check out her website at www.Journey2Vinyl.com

The satisfaction of project completion is why she enjoys cleaning. She knows when she's finished and can see the results right away. It makes her feel great after she completes the work.

Life has changed a lot for her in the last 2 years, but she says that working for Weixler Cleaning is a good part of that change. She has found herself in a different place than she would have planned, but the surprises and results have been good. One surprise is that she now cleans the home of her 9th grade English teacher.

We are glad for Erica’s great work ethic, quality work, professionalism, and faithful attendance. She cheerfully volunteers to fill in for other cleaners when they have family needs or illness. Our residential cleaners are a team that works together well, and we are glad Erica is part of our successful group of home cleaners.

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