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Employee Focus- Meet Emily

Emily has worked for Weixler Cleaning for over a year now and has experience cleaning in both commercial offices and homes. She began working with Weixler through her Aunt Jennifer when they cleaned at the Dieffenbach's Potato chips plant and offices.

Aurea, (her pet Rottweiler) is 1 year old now and is a great source of joy for Emily.

This is a photo of Emily and Patricia who clean together. (Emily is on the right).

Currently Emily is studying for her driver’s permit and would like to become an EMT.

Vacuuming and mopping are her favorite cleaning tasks, and she says that bathtubs usually need special care to rid of slimy soap scum and water spots.

She would like more hours because she likes to shop at Target and her shopping list is varied and diverse. On a scale of 1-10, she rates her enjoyment in working with the other Weixler employees a 9 and her overall satisfaction working with Weixler Cleaning a 10. She would recommend Weixler Cleaning to her friends.

We are glad that Emily joyfully shares her strength in vacuuming and mopping.

Below is a photo of Aurea, Emily's Rottweiler.

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