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Employee Focus- Meet Crystal

Crystal is a seasoned cleaner. She cleans 5 homes and two large commercial offices by herself in the Chambersburg area. She has a very strong work ethic and has a perfect attendance record. Her quality of work is unsurpassed, and Weixler DCS never receives complaints regarding the services she provides. You will find her going to and from work in a little orange Honda Fit. She said it is an excellent little car and gets 26 miles per gallon. She nicknamed it Pumpkin.

Her husband operates a cleaning business. He is 64 years old, hardworking, and probably won't voluntarily retire. Crystal says her and her husband are very different people who are separated by 12 years in age. However, the greatest thing they hold in common is their deep love for Jesus. She did say that they agree on downsizing eventually. She shared a memory of time with her husband where they went parasailing. It was her idea; however, her husband felt obliged to tell her about a woman who fell 400 feet to her death while parasailing. She did not appreciate the information AFTER she was already hundreds of feet in the air.

Due to COVID, her church had cancelled public meetings through June. None of the family fell ill with the COVID virus, for which she is very thankful- especially since her parents are both living and are 80 years old.

The money she earns with Weixler Cleaning is used for massages, manicures, giving to charity, and personal vacations. Ocean City Maryland is one of her favorite destinations. Weixler Cleaning helps her pay for the massage therapy through the EAP program, since she has some residual lower back pain from cleaning 18 rooms per day in nursing homes when she was younger. She is grateful that she can share with others, that she and her family have good health, and that she has the promise of eternal life purchased for her by the atoning death of Jesus Christ.

She takes pride in her work, which is evidenced by the way she keeps the supply closets neat and tidy, cleans bathrooms, and keeps the chair mats in offices clean.

Crystal is considerate, encouraging, polite, hardworking, and watches the details of cleaning. We celebrate her life, service, and the recent marriage of her son who serves as a children’s pastor.

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