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Employee Focus- Meet Alyson

Alyson is our residential cleaning division manager. She has been cleaning with Weixler Diversified Cleaning services for over five years and assumed the residential manager’s position this month. Alyson attended Albright College where she received a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She enjoys doing freelance writing for magazines and greeting cards, and she also writes some children's books and poems. She is currently writing a suspense-thriller novel.

She says that her life situation was terrible 15-20 years ago, but Keith and Reni Weixler have been very influential in helping her put that behind her and to improve her quality of life. Alyson says, “Keith and Reni have been absolutely amazing and have been more than a boss to her. They have been able to put the professional role they play aside when she needed a friend.” Today, the greatest things in her life are her two children, a son of 15 and a daughter of 13. They enjoy spending time together and do lots of fun things. Her family also includes two dogs and a hedgehog, although the hedgehog will only play with Alyson.

Alyson and her two older sisters were taught to clean from a young age by their mother, and the household mantra was “work before play.” Alyson says that a neat and clean home is great for mental health and she certainly finds that true for herself. She began cleaning at Weixler, because her children were small, the work was close to home, and the schedule worked for her as a single mom.

Relationships are very important to Alyson, so she builds relationships with her cleaning customers. Many have become friends of hers. Some of them are elderly, and they look forward to seeing her each week. She is sometimes the only person one elderly customer named Bill sees each week. There have been times when she has taken some of her customers a meal or visited with them in her free time to help them with yard work.

That Alyson is relational and invests in others is also seen in her work with her team of cleaners as well as in her part-time job as a waitress and bartender at a local fire company. She also personally invests in the lives of her cleaning team. She believes the ladies are some of the best residential cleaning women she has ever worked with.

Speaking of relationships and friends, Alyson says that she would highly recommend working for Weixler but not so much to her friends who could do a little bit better with the cleaning of their own homes, and she says this with a laugh, “You know who you are.”

Our purpose at Weixler Cleaning is to create raving customers and employees by “supporting the well-being of people’s lives through relationships built on trust, service and professionalism.” Alyson is a role model to our employees for this purpose in leadership, life, and work.

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