• Bryan Shive

About Clean Shield

Commercial cleaning services have a reputation of starting well, but the quality of work diminishes over time. Bryan Shive, V. P. of Operations for Weixler DCS says, “If you have a cleaning service that does well for you, keep them. It is difficult to find a great cleaning service.”

Here at Weixler, we have studied the tendency for the quality of cleaning to diminish over time and have implemented many systems and controls to raise the bar.

Some of these systems include training, checking in with our clients regularly, standardizing our cleaning system for consistent results, and implementing the clean-shield system which is unique to Weixler DCS.

The clean shield system incorporates a 3-pronged approach to maintaining quality performance.

  1. We invest in our employees’ training and personal lives. This increases their cleaning performance, job satisfaction, and quality of life while reducing employee turnover. It is our purpose that our customers and our employees become raving fans of Weixler DCS.

  2. We utilize personal visits, phone interviews, and surveys to check in with our clients regularly. Feedback is solicited and welcomed- whether good or bad.

  3. We schedule site-visits from certified inspectors to every one of our commercial buildings. These inspectors submit their finding to the executive team who determines the reward or corrective response if any is needed.

If you are not satisfied with your current cleaning service, please consider Weixler.

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