• Bryan Shive

A Recipe for Quality Home Cleaning

The Weixler DCS home cleaning team has regular meetings to implement process improvements and to stay informed. At the most recent meeting, our team reviewed our multi-tiered quality control process!

This process includes:

Each cleaner checks their own work and signs our 12-point quality inspection form.

  1. Whenever it is feasible, we send two cleaners into homes. This means that 2 cleaners are familiar with the detailed requirements of each client and their home. The two cleaners inspect one another's work.

  2. When our customers are home, we invite them to review the quality of the cleaning and make requests and suggestions before our cleaners depart.

  3. Our residential account manager periodically checks in with each customer to see how things are going by asking the homeowner to rate the service on a scale of 1-10.

We are very pleased with the results. Weixler Residential Cleaning division has not received a grade lower than a 9 for the past months. If we receive a grade of 8 or less, we ask what we can do to improve the score. We welcome feedback, because our customers are important to us and their homes are entrusted to our team.

Weixler DCS is insured and bonded. Every one of our cleaners passes a stringent background check. We strive to pair great cleaners with great customers!

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